We Provide Comprehensive Primary Care Dermatology Services

Our clinic specialises in a full range of medical skin care: from regular skin cancer checks to treatment of skin conditions and minor surgeries. Come to us for a range of skin complaints, acne, rosacea, skin tags, moles, skin rashes and other blemishes. Anything skin related is our specialty.

We provide comprehensive skin cancer check-ups and advice ranging from initial skin check ups to total body mole mapping to early diagnosis of skin cancer. We use high resolution digital photography, digital dermatoscopy, Canfield Mirror Mole Mapping software and IntelliStudioDermagraphix Body mapping software for early and timely diagnosis of skin cancer.

Even skin that has never been exposed to the sun can develop skin cancer. Regular check ups mean early detection, and early detection is the key to beating skin cancers. Our skin checks only take about 20 minutes but they are worth every second. We recommend a full body check once every 12 months but you can choose to only have specific moles or blemishes checked if you prefer.

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Protection, prevention and care for your skin

We offer a convenient, professional, skilled GP service specialising in skin related issues such as regular skin cancer check ups, general dermatology consultations, skin allergy, wound care and minor surgical procedures, including skin cancer surgeries.

Our practice is staffed by GPs who are accredited specialists in Skin Cancer and General Dermatology. This means you’re in the best of hands, and there is no need to obtain a referral prior to booking. Simply contact us and make an appointment.


Never Too Young Or Too Early

It is never too early to start having regular skin check ups. When it comes to skin cancers, early detection is crucial, so by scheduling regular skin checks for the entire family, you’re (wisely) practicing prevention.


Regular Skin Checks

Our state of the art Canfield Mirror Mole Mapping Software can track the changes of moles over time. Full body skin check ups are a must for anyone who grew up under the Australian sun. Our clinic specialises in the prevention, early detection and treatment of skin cancers. Find out more here.


General Dermatology

Our GPs can assist you with a range of skin issues including rosacea, acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin allergies, unusual skin growths, nail disorders, hair disorders and other complaints such as scarring, various skin rashes, skin infections (bacterial, fungal, viral), skin pigmentation, skin tags etc. Our team is qualified to treat many conditions or they can refer you to a specialist if needed. Learn more here.


Surgery Made Simple

Our practice is set up to undertake minor surgical procedures, including skin cancer surgeries. If we can do the procedure at our clinic there is no need for you to attend day surgery or make a trip to the hospital. More info here.

Click here to make an appointment or phone the clinic now on (03) 8080 0555. For more details about the clinic visit our Practice Information page.