We are experienced and qualified GP Skin Specialists with specific post graduate qualifications in dermatology.

Come to us for diagnosis and treatment of all your skin complaints. Following is a brief summary of some common skin conditions we diagnose and treat at the clinic.

  • psoriasis, dermatitis and atopic eczema
  • any persistent rash or itch
  • skin allergies
  • nail and hair disorders
  • treatment of scar tissue
  • skin discolouration, static or changing
  • acne, rosacea and other common inflammatory skin conditions
  • stubborn acne or marks or scars as a result of acne
  • cysts, lumps, bumps, lipoma, skin tags and warts etc.
  • bacterial, fungal and viral skin infection
  • sexually transmitted skin disease/rashes

We can diagnose and treat most of common skin diseases in our general practice setting. In some cases, more advanced and rare skin conditions need to be referred to specialist dermatologist and hospitals.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and it needs to be taken care of accordingly. If you are worried about any skin complaint, give us a call on (03) 8080 0555 and we will let you know if it is something we can help you with.